Teak Five Finger Parquet wooden floor repairs in Brixham, Devon

Repairs and a refinish to a teak five finger parquet floor was carried out at a home in Brixham, Devon. The rooms with the wooden floors consisted of a lounge and entrance hall in a ground floor flat.

Parquet Floor Repairs

The work required us to carry out a retie and full sand and refinish to the wooden floors.

On arrival we found that the floors were in a very poor condition. This was mainly due to previous bad sanding and refinish. The fire place retie made this floor challenging. Poor sanding from previous inexperienced sanders left uneven dips and drum marks in the floor , These were deep and proved challenging to remove.

The old fire place was screened and re-levelled to take the blocks we had uplifted from a bedroom that was due to be carpeted. Once the screed was dry these where stuck down securely to provide a solid base ready for sanding.

Restoring Parquet Floor: The Sanding Process

Once all the repairs had been carried out and the glue set we began sanding. The first stage of the sanding was to level the floor and remove any previous sanding marks. This was carried out using a Pallmann Cobra belt sander.

Once the floor was back to bare wood and free of any previous drum marks and sanding marks we brought the Pallmann Spider. This machine was used to start the finer sanding ready for filling the gaps. We filled the gaps between the blocks with a resin and a sawdust mix to achieve a consistent colour. The gaps were filled for cosmetic reasons and to stop the finish bubbling back to the surface once the floor became walkable. Once the resin was dry we then sanded the surface ready to receive the first cost of primer. The edges and corners were also sanded level and fine sanded. The photos below show the effective removal of the previous sanding marks left by inexperienced sanders.

Restoring Parquet Floor: Finishing Stage

Once all the sanding work was complete two coats of all base primer was applied to the floor and left to dry over night. The primer gives the teak wood the “red” tone you would typically expect from an exotic species. It also helps with proper adhesion of the clear lacquer coats. Once the primer was dry two coats of pall-x 96 semi-gloss were applied. The lacquer gave the floor a velvety look and an absolutely flawless finish.



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