Sanding and refinishing to pine floor boards in St Mary Church Torquay

Sanding and refinishing to pine floor boards in St Mary Church Torquay.

We were asked to attempt to repair and restore several pine floors at an old cottage in the centre of Torquay. The main work consisted of replacing several pine wooden floor boards and making stable the rotten joists. We had to do this without disturbing too much of the original pine wooden floor as possible. The work required two fully trained and experienced tradesmen for three days to repair, sand and refinish the seven wooden floors. The seven floors were in two bedrooms, three bathrooms and a lounge/diner .

Pine Floor Repairs

The pine floors had several large gaps and broken boards throughout the property. Upstairs there was also the odd floor board that had completely collapsed in to the ceiling space below.

First of all we moved and adjusted a vast number of the wooden boards. This was to close up any gaps down the length of the wooden boards. Some boards were completely replaced and in doing so we discovered several rotten joists. After reporting the issue to the owner we were instructed to strengthen these joists with additional supports to prevent further damage to the house.

Sanding Pine Floor

The sanding was carried out with state of the art Pallman machinery.  These included the Pallmann Cobra Belt Sander, the Pallmann Spider Sanding Machine and two Pallmann Gecko Edgers.

One floor was completely covered in bitumen and was badly cupped. This floor was sanded on a 45’ angle to remove the bitumen as fast and as efficiently as possible. This method also reduced the floors to a consistent level. All the floors were revived with the first sand using the Cobra to remove all old finishes and flatten the floors. Once the main areas where flat we continued sanding with the Pallmann spider. This machine  gave an unbelievably smooth finish to the wood. All the edges and corners where all sanded flush once the main field had been finished.

Finishing Wooden Floor

The customer requested as natural and matt finish that we could achieve on a the pine floor. To achieve these results we opted to use a water based system. This would leave the floor as close to natural finish as possible whilst still giving the floor ultimate protection from every day use.

Before any finish was applied we took humidity readings and moisture readings of the wooden floor. This was to make sure they are stable enough to take a water based finish. This is also important for the lacquers to be able to adhere to the floors correctly. It also helps towards the proper curing of the finishes.

Pine wooden floor finish

Finally the floors were revived with one coat of a Pallmann primer and two coats of Palls 96 Matt lacquer. This achieved the desired finish. Our customer was overwhelmed with the workmanship and finished results of the floors.

If you would like to know how we can help restore your pine or other type of wooden floor or help repair hard floors then just contact us.

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