Restoring the wooden floors of a Lustleigh home

We attended a large property in Lustleigh to restore all of the wooden floors within 20 rooms. The works involved carpentry repairs, sanding, staining and finishing with lacquer.  It took 3 weeks to complete working with a team of 2 to 3 highly skilled technicians per day.

The Original Wooden Floors

This is the condition of the wooden floor boards before restoration commenced. Some areas looked worn and had scuff marks and there were visible gaps between some of the floor boards.

Here are some of the carpentry repairs that our team carried out. It included the filling of the gaps with wood slithers. Our skilled carpenter realigned boards for a nicer finish and filled in the larger gaps with wood slithers.

Here are the wood floors during and after the sanding process. Sanding a wood floor takes off approximately 0.5mm of the actual wood from the top surface of the floor board so you can get back to the bare wood. This means that floors can be restored to almost their original appearance depending on the age and condition.

Once the wood floors had been sanded they are then stained with a Dark Oak Staining.

The Restored Floors

Finally once the staining had been completed we went in with the final element which was to finish with a lacquer. This lacquer is a bit like a modern day varnish and effectively sits on the top of the wood and doesn’t sink in like the oil does.

A lacquer finish is ideal in any room where you anticipate either high or heavy footfall or where you want a gloss or high gloss finish.

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