Oak Floor Restoration at a house in Torquay

Oak Wooden Floor Restoration at a House in Torquay.

Recently we visited a house in Torquay to restore the Oak wooden floors in several rooms. These rooms were the lounge/diner and the entrance hall. The work was carried out over three days by two technicians and consisted of sanding, filling and applying a finish.

Oak Wood Floor Sanding

The wooden floor was in poor condition. There were areas of badly cupped boards throughout the rooms and several large gaps due to the floor becoming insecure. To begin with we took several moisture readings to ensure that the floor was in a stable enough condition to be able to apply any coatings. Once we had carried out the checks, the floor was sanded heavily at a diagonal cut to remove all deep marks. This method also flattens the floor to a consistent level. This also enabled us to see the extent of the boards that needed to be re-fixing. The re-fixing was then carried out with a nail gun, using very small nails so that they didn’t leave any noticeable holes in the floor.

Once we had sanded the floor to a consistent level, it was filled 2-3 times by the technician. This was until he was satisfied that the filling was constant across the floor and that all gaps had been fully sealed. Once the filler was dry, the sanding continued until the whole floor was smooth and all previous sanding marks had been removed.

Oak Floor Finishing at Torquay Home

To finish the oak floor we applied two test patches of primer to an area of the floor. This was so that the customer was able to choose which tone they preferred. We then used a water-based primer and an alcohol-based primer, both of which gave different finishes to the oak.

Alcohol primer was chosen and then applied in one even coat to the whole floor. Once the primer had dried, we applied two coats of Pallx 98 Gold Matt to the rooms. After it had dried, the floor was left with a rich tone that brought out all of the oak’s grain and left a beautiful finish.

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