How to remove a red wine stain from a solid oak floor

If red wine is spilt on your solid oak wood floor how do you remove the wine stain from the solid floor? It’s certainly not as easy as removing a stain from carpet. The red wine will soon soak into the oak wood.

Recently we had a call at Oakwood Contracting from a customer in Ogwell, near Newton Abbot, Devon. They needed a red wine stain removing from their lounge floor.

Remove Red Wine Stain

But how do you remove a red wine removal to a solid oak floor in Ogwell, Devon? The red wine had soaked through the previous finish, causing the wine to be absorbed into the oak. An oil based finish that had been applied originally to the wood floor and the customer wanted to retain that oiled look. To do this we decided on using Magic Oil to get the required finish.

Solid Oak Floor Sanding

The work was carried out over two days. As the wooden floor was in a good condition, there were no heavy marks to sand out, we decided to use the Pallmann Spider machine. This machine with its planetary head and very fast sanding action makes quick work of removing old finishes. It also is able to smooth the floor faster than any more traditional methods of sanding.The Pallmann Spider also has the latest vacuum technology making it dust free! During the work we always check the humidity of the wood.

The solid oak floor didn’t require any heavy sanding. This meant the Spider worked very quickly at removing the old oils and fully removed the red wine stain. As the floor was very well fitted it didn’t require any filling or repair work. The floor was finally sanded, using a fine sand with a multi hole disc. This ensured that the surface would allow a decent penetration of the oil when it was applied.

Solid Oak Floor Finishing

The Magic Oil was the finish used for the oak floor. Magic Oil leaves a natural gold tone to oak floors, giving them a rich look with little sheen. The oil is applied by hand, then buffed and a second coat is applied immediately after. This ensures that all the wood is saturated with the oil.

removing red wine stain sanding solid oak wood floorMagic Oil to solid oak floor

Red Wine Stain Removed

The beauty of Magic Oil is it protects not only the surface but it also soaks into the wood, protecting it from the inside out. The short curing time is another benefit, allowing full use of the room after only 12 hours. Our customer was very happy with the results and with the red wine stain removal.

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