21 04, 2017

Restoration of Oak wood staircase at Brannel School in St Austell

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Making good an oak wood staircase at a school in Cornwall. Regular heavy foot traffic, dirt and water marks had affected this St Austell school staircase particularly on the first few steps. To begin with we had to start sanding at 40 grit and continue deep into the grain to remove the staining. A great deal [...]

7 04, 2017

You don’t always need planning permission to improve your home 


Did you know that you don't always need planning permission to improve your home? If you are looking to add an extension, garage, porch, outbuilding or other construction to your South Devon home then you may not need to go through the long, often stressful planning permission procedure. There is currently a temporary 'Householder Prior Approval' scheme, [...]